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Lions earn all-district honors

Dublin took three superlatives and 19 other honors this week when the 6-3A All-District Selections were announced. 

Junior quarterback Cy Wing was name offensive MVP of the district, while junior kicker Gabriel Renteria was the Special Teams Player of the Year.

Sophomore linebacker Kevin Cervantes was one of three district athletes to claim Newcomer of the Year. 

Hagen Huffman, Jacob Stanley, Blake Porter and Kolby Roberson were named the first team offense, and Johnny Jurado, Colten Couch, Jared Ricks and

Casyn Ballenger each earned a spot on the first team defense.

Mark Ybarra was honored with two spots on the second team, both offense and defense. 

Also representing the Lions on the second team offense are Stephen Locklear and Tyler Morrow, and second-team defenders are Trent Lopez and Daniel Riley.

Stran Burrow, Ricks and Donovan Escobedo received honorable mention for their efforts on offense and Tyler Bell and Cesar Tavera received honorable mention defense. 

District 6-3A All-District Selections

MVP: Kade Mercer, senior running back/linebacker, Comanche
Offensive MVP: Cy Wing, junior, quarterback, Dublin
Defensive MVP: Dakota Moreno, senior, defensive tackle, Comanche
Lineman of the Year: K.C. Rater, senior, center, Jacksboro
Special Teams Player of the Year: Gabriel Renteria, junior, kicker/punter, Dublin
Utility Player of the Year: Renden Howe, senior, running back/safety/kick returner, Rio Vista
Co-Newcomers of the Year: 
Kevin Cervantes, sophomore, line backer, Dublin; Landon Davenport, sophomore, quarterback/running back/safety, Jacksboro; Wesley Rogers, sophomore, quarterback/running back/safety, Millsap 
Coaching Staff of the Year: Comanche
First Team QB: Jace Davis, junior, Millsap
First Team Kicker: Gio Salazar, junior, Jacksboro
First Team Offense
Offensive Line: Kendel Beck, senior, Comanche; Jeron Conine, junior, Comanche; Ethan Cooper, senior, Tolar; Alexis Sanchez, senior, Jacksboro; Kolby Roberson, senior, Dublin; Thomas Ramirez, senior, Comanche
Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: Price Odem, senior, Comanche; Derian Morphew, senior, Tolar; Keondrea Sadler, senior, Jacksboro; Hunter Matthews, junior, Millsap; Jacob Stanley, senior, Dublin; Blake Porter, senior, Dublin; Seth Isbell, junior, Jacksboro; Brandon Faulkner, senior, Rio Vista
Running backs/Fullbacks: Zach Rodriguez, senior, Comanche; Zach Foster, senior, Comanche; Caleb Helm, sophomore, Jacksboro; Ethan Fudge, senior, Jacksboro; Rickey Bottorff, senior, Millsap; Hagen Huffman, junior, Dublin
First Team Defense
Defensive Line: Roberto Medrano, senior, Comanche; Alex Davalos, senior, Comanche; Kendel Beck, senior, Comanche; Rueben Gonzales, senior, Jacksboro; K.C. Rater, senior, Jacksboro; Johnny Jurado, junior, Dublin; Ethan Cooper, senior, Tolar
Linebackers: Max Jimenez, senior, Comanche; Dylan Thomas, sophomore, Jacksboro; Mathew Rich, senior, Millsap; Colton Cotton, senior, Millsap; Jared Ricks, senior, Dublin; Mason King, senior, Tolar; Brandon Faulkner, senior, Rio Vista
Defensive Backs: Trendon Morin, senior, Comanche; Price Odem, senior, Comanche; Keondre Sadler, senior, Jacksboro; Dayson Benfer, junior, Millsap; Colten Couch, junior, Dublin; Caysen Ballenger, senior, Dublin
Second team Offense
Offensive line: James Marshal, junior, Tolar; Logan Snider, senior, Jacksboro; Cody Howard, senior, Jacksboro; Gage Schade, senior, Millsap; Arturo Guerrero, junior, Millsap; Stephen Locklear, senior, Dublin; Tyler Morrow, junior, Dublin; Colton Wigand, senior, Rio Vista; Chance Harrah, junior, Rio Vista; Ethan Cummins, sophomore, Rio Vista; Tyler Crist, senior, Rio Vista
Wide Receiver/Tight Ends: Brice Scott, senior, Tolar; Devin Dahlhauser, junior, Millsap; Mark Ybarra, senior, Dublin; Billy Bob Bridges, junior, Rio Vista
Running Backs/Fullbacks: Rhody Duncan, senior, Tolar; Mason King, senior, Tolar; Raymond Pacheco, senior, Millsap; Hunter Carpenter, sophomore, Rio Vista
Quarterback: Trendon Morin, senior, Comanche
Second Team Defense
Defensive Line: Gunnar Butler, senior, Tolar; Seth Isbell, junior, Jacksboro; Randall Hamilton, sophomore, Jacksboro; Damien Thomas, senior, Millsap; Arturo Guerrero, junior, Millsap; Hunter Carpenter, sophomore, Rio Vista; Colten Wigand, senior, Rio Vista; Ethan Cummins, sophomore, Rio Vista; Tyler Crisp, senior, Rio Vista; Trent Lopez, junior, Dublin; Daniel Riley, senior, Dublin
Linebackers: Mikey Boggs, senior, Tolar; Breagan Berry, junior, Tolar; Brett Jackson, junior, Tolar; Gage Schade, senior, Millsap; Chance Harrah, junior, Rio Vista
Defensive Backs: Jeremiah Arreola, senior, Comanche; Gage Winston, senior, Tolar; Raymon Pacheco, senior, Millsap; Billy Bob Bridges, junior, Rio Vista; Mark Ybarra, senior, Dublin

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