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Boys lift to first in Comanche

In Comanche on Saturday, the Lion powerlifting team took first again and the Lady Lions placed third as a team.

Morgan Kent won outstanding lifter on lightweight platforms again, as well.

She lifted 790 pound across three lifts, squatting 350, benching 165 and dead lifting 275.

Addison Stout won her class with a personal record total of 580 pounds. She squatted 205, benched 100 for a new personal record and dead lifted a personal record 275.

Sol Yepez won her class and set a new personal record, squatting 225, benching 105 and dead lifting 235 for a total of 565.

Stran Burrow won first in his class, setting all new personal records. He squatted 475, benched 320 and dead lifted 475 for a total of 1,270.

Stephen Locklear took second in the same class with a personal record total of 1,190.

Manuel DeLeon won his class and set new personal records across the board by squatting 425, benching 240 and dead lifting 365 for 1,030 total.

Ricky Lopez won his class with a total of 785. He set personal records in bench and dead lift by raising 180 pounds then 330 pounds, respectively. He squatted 275 and totaled 785.

Miguel Gallegos won his class, lifting 685 total and setting new personal records on all three lifts. He squatted 220, benched 150 and dead lifted 315.

Cristian Vazquez took second in his class and set all new personal records with a total of 1,145.

Jared Ricks placed third in his class and set new personal records by raising 1,390 across three lifts.

Tyler Bell earned a third place as well in his class with 1,130 total, a new personal record.

Bryten Ballenger, Callie Estes, Arnoldo Moreno, Blaize Leatherwood, Johnny Jurado and Michael Stanley each brought home fourth place in their classes and set new personal records.

Jimena Vazquez also won fourth place.

Emilee Beam set a new personal record and finished in fifth and Celeste Alvarez also placed fifth.

Taylor Patton also set a new personal record.

The teams will lift in Hico today.

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