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Young artist finishing first show

Kyle Richey may only be 13 but the young artist just finished a showing of his art at the Stephenville Public Library yesterday through the Cross Timber Fine Arts Center.

The son of Dublin Dog Den owners Jesica and Dillon Richey started taking art classes through a homeschool cooperative. CTFAC Whitney Lee saw his work through the cooperative and thought he deserved a display.

Richey said he didn’t really have time to react when she asked him about an exhibition in October.

“I had to have six pieces to show,” he said. “I wasn’t allowed to do the same ones.”

Fortunately, Richey had a lot of portfolios and sketchbooks to select from to help with his selections.

Kyle started getting into art at age 6 by sketching animals and nature. Sketching is still his preferred medium and his parents having a pet shop at their previous location made practice easy.

“I would go there and I would just sit and sketch a bunch of animals,” he said.

A lot of this previous work came from art classes he was able to start early. Before they moved from Granbury to their family land in the Edna Hill community, Kyle was taking three at once. He had to drop one that was too far to attend after the move.

His current project is portraits.

“I’m trying to work on faces and position of eyes,” he said. “I’m trying to get that all figured out. Every sunday, I draw [portraits] at retirement homes. It helps me improve and keeps me going.”

His selections feature a mix of media thanks to his classes, including a profile photo of a turkey and a pastel image of a candle.

Richey said he’s done several pastel pieces and likes working with the materials. He’s less fond of charcoal because it smears easily. Charcoal still yielded his favorite piece he put in the show, a tiger lapping up water from a reflective pool.

Richey plans to continue practicing and studying art, saying that learning a craft teaches valuable lessons.

“It definitely takes a lot of patience and restarting,” he said. “But it’s really fun.”

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