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Reception to honor Thompson

Although Dec. 31 will be Tab Thompson’s official final day as Erath County Judge, he doesn’t really see his stepping down as a “retirement.”

“I’ve got plenty to do,” he said. “Debbie and I have a business to run (Oasis Oil Change and Car Wash). We’ve got four grandkids and another one on the way. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing them more.”

That’s not to say he won’t miss the other elected officials and county employees he sees on a daily basis. Thompson said getting to meet and work with the people of Erath County has been what’s made his 24 years as judge so worthwhile.

All of his friends and neighbors are invited to a reception set this Friday in the Erath County Courthouse court room (second floor). The “come and go” event will be held from 2 to 4 p.m.

Tab said the question of what were his favorite moments was difficult to answer. 

“I don’t keep a list of them,” Thompson said. “There have definitely been some good times and some difficult times.”

“Hopefully, I’m leaving this in as good of condition or better than when I started,” he said.

Thompson is not one to brag, but every candidate who ran for his position in the Republican primaries in March said he was leaving the county in a good financial position through his fiscal responsibility and thoughtful management.

This consideration makes sense since the Stephenville native knew he wanted to serve his community from a young age.

“My parents were involved in civic activities, and I had an interest in some type of public office,” he said. 

This opportunity came after he graduated from A&M and married Debbie Reagan Thompson. The couple lived in Lewisville for about four years before returning to Erath County.

“I was fortunate that the position of judge came open at the right time,” he said.

Thompson feels like he is leaving the position in good hands, saying his successor, Alfonso Campos, has experience at the county level and already knows many with which he will be working.

“He’s got a great understanding of what’s going on,” Tab said. “He’s going to be in an admirable position.”

“It’s been a real honor to serve the people of Erath County,” Thompson said. “I take away a lot of great friendships and good memories.”

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