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Now serving at the city office

City customers may have noticed two new faces ready to take care of them when they went to pay their water bill in recent months.

That is because Dalinda Aguilar was named water clerk after the departure of Dionicia Azua. Esmeralda Mendoza was hired to the office staff in October.

Aguilar has been an employee of the City of Dublin since 2016 since she came to the job from being a stay-at-home mom.

ShewasborninBrownwood but has called Dublin her home since an early age. She and her husband, Marco, have three children, Alayha, Ximena and Arybell.They are expecting another baby girl soon.

Mendoza was born in Mexico but has lived in Erath County since the age of fi ve, graduating from Lingleville High School.

She and her husband, Primitivo, have two children, Itzel and Izael.

Both commended the City for working with their schedules as mothers and reported strong ties all of the city employees including the Dublin PD.

Esmeralda has a background in retail and reported that there are a lot of similarities in her new position to those jobs, since customer service is key.

The stress level is a little higher though.

“We have over 1,000 customers and have to attend to all when multiple people have the same or different problems,” said Aguilar.

This can be especially difficult when dealing with service orders because a lot of variables and the schedule of public works employees make it hard to give customers definitive answers on when work will be performed.

Rush days are also constant.

“We don’t sit down,” said Dalinda, who reported that customers often come through the door in groups of three or four when bills are due.

Both of the new workers want the community to know that they are here to help and will always try to listen and treat everyone fairly.

“It best to communicate so we can fix any problem,” Aguilar said. “We just have to listen and try to help.”

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