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Kids get renewed place to play

“I drove by the next day and there were 10 kids playing out there,” said Kingdom Movement organizer Jonna Alvarado. “It was awesome.”

Alvarado was describing the scene at the Dublin Housing Authority’s playground after a dozen volunteers spent a large portion of Nov. 23 restoring the equipment and bedding.

By the time they had finished, 15 truckloads of mulchhadbeentransported and laid for a softer, safer bedding for kids to play around.

Volunteers started the work early at 7 a.m. and finished by 3 p.m. Jonna’s husband, Felix Alvarado reported that there were 20 kids waiting to use the revitalized park as volunteers were finishing up that afternoon.

Kingdom Movement provided tacos after volunteers had worked up an appetite and chocolate was served at the park.

Alvarado said she was “so thankful for this outreach and everyone who helped!”

The group had a chance to the minister at the events with volunteers taking part in fellowship and prayer over the project.

This project is the latest in a flurry of projects sponsored by Kingdom Movement including the back-to-school pool part which provided school supplies to kids in attendance in August and 5th quarter meet-up following home games for the Dublin Lions football team.

They plan to return to the Housing Authority on Dec. 21 for a Pancakes and Pajamas party. Everyone is invited to wear their best pajamas and enjoy pancakes from 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in Perry Hall. The meal will be followed by story time for the kids.

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