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Golden Age working towards compliance

“Nothing states that we are closing at this point,” said Tina Dear, Head of Marketing for Dublin’s Golden Age Healthcare Residence.

A series of administration oversights and lack of communication led to the termination of the facility’s provider contracts with Medicare and Medicaid programs on Friday after state and federal agencies determined it was out of compliance.

Currently, Golden Age is working to return to compliance while appealing the decision.

Representatives have been contacting residents and families and recommending they move to other facilities which some have done, and some have reportedly done so even though it was their preference to stay.

“A lot of residents have told us they’d like to petition not to leave here,” Dear said.

Dear has said that Golden Age and its staff have taken a role in patient advocacy, informing them that they do not need to feel obligated to rush into leaving if they would like to remain.

A press release issued by Golden Age reported that the facility fell out of compliance because a previous administrator did not follow proper protocol with state visits and fell out of compliance with Health and Human Service Commission requirements without reporting issues to Golden Age’s parent organization, Concord Healthcare Group. (Concord acquired Golden Age in January of 2016.)

The owners remained unaware of the issues until HHSC informed them three months later. The release stated that they started trying to correct the issues at that point but only had two months to complete all the requested updates before the six month compliance window closed.

Golden Age has been working to perform these updates which included the replacement of the residence’s roof. Dear noted that Golden Age performed the work even though they didn’t think it was necessary. She reported that a state surveyor was present during the last rainfall, in which no leaks were found.

Dear said the facility is committed to resolving all of the issues to regain its status with CMS and HHSC.

“While we are remaining compliant with state requests, our residents still remain our number one priority,” Dear said. “We work hard to provide the continuum of care needed in regards to therapy and patient needs.”

Dear also reported that the staff is remaining and continuing their commitment of “home town people taking care of home town people.”

Dear has been humbled by the calls and messages of support that Golden Age has received since the release was published online Friday. 

“We’ve already many people responding that they want to know how they can help,” she said.

As of right now, Golden Age is only asking for patience while they work to regain their status.

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