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Erath voters follow state

Erath County voters mirrored the results statewide, passing all but one of the 10 proposed amendments in the Nov. 5 election.
The one failed proposition was the first, which would have allowed municipal judges to serve in more than one municipality if passed. A total of 2,533 Erath voters opted against the proposition while 1,296 voted for it. There were 57 Erath voters who didn’t check either option.

Proposition 2 passed, allowing the Texas Water Development Board to issue up to $200 million in bonds for the financial assistance of water supply and/or sewer projects in economically-distressed areas. In Erath, 2,217 voted for the proposition while 1,587 voted against. Eighty-two of the Erath voters who hit the polls didn’t cast a ballot on this item.

The passage of proposition 3 allows the legislature to provide ad valorem tax exemptions to Texas residents in disaster areas declared by the governor. A total of 3,255 voters opted for the amendment while 532 were against. There were 99 Erath voters who didn’t vote on this item.

The most discussed item of the amendment elections was proposition 4, due in part to the way the proposition was worded. Voters had to opt “for” the proposition to vote against the possibility of an individual income tax, which was previously possible if Texas voters approved it in election. A total of 3,358 Erath voters opted to remove this possibility while 507 voted against. There were 21 Erath voters who didn’t vote on the item.

Proposition 5’s passage has secured sales and use taxes on sporting goods will go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Historical Commission to acquire, manage, and improve state and local parks and historic sites. In Erath, 3,414 voters opted for the proposition while 416 voted against. Fifty-six voters left the item undecided.

A total of 2,118 voters opted for proposition 6, which will increase the maximum bond amount for the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas from $3 billion to $6 billion to make grants for the research and furthering of cancer prevention and cures. There were 1,671 Erath voters who voted against the proposition and 97 who didn’t vote on the item.

There were 2,518 Erath voters who voted for proposition 7, increasing the general school fund by allowing the General Land Office and State Board of Education to move $600 million from the Permanent School Fund’s lands and proceeds values (instead of the current allowance of $300 million). There were 1, 272 Erath voters who voted against and 96 who left the item undecided.

There were 2,575 Erath voters who opted for proposition 8, the creation of the flood infrastructure fund to assist in the financing of drainage, flood mitigation, and flood control projects. A total of 1,229 voted against the fund while 82 votes left the item unaddressed.

In voting for proposition 9 (making precious metals housed in Texas depositories exempt from ad valorem taxes), 2,051 Erath voters opted for the item while 1,678 voted against and 157 left the item unchecked.

Proposition 10, which allows the transfer of law enforcement animals to qualified caretakers upon their retirement or special circumstance, received the biggest approval both statewide (93 percent) and in Erath County, where 3,663 voted for the passage. There were 173 that voted against and 50 who didn’t vote on the item. 

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