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ECSO forms posse

Erath County is even safer following the formation of a search and rescue posse through the Erath County Sheriff’s Office.

Ed Gordon, an investigator with the Erath District Attorney’s Office, and Jett Smith, Assistant District Attorney, in conjunction with the Sheriff’s Office formed the Erath County Sheriff’s Posse in order to perform search and rescue in March of this year.

The Posse is used in rural areas where vehicles and ATVs cannot traverse. The team of people volunteers their time and horses for search and rescue purposes. “Right now, [the Posse] performs grid searches and renders minor first aid to

individuals in need [when they are found],” Sheriff Matt Coates stated.

“As of right now, we had a couple more volunteers, so we have a little over 20 people [on the team],” said Sheriff Coates. The posse is in “its infant stages right now.” In close to a year they hope to train the volunteers to search, collect and preserve evidence in conjunction with search and rescue.

The Erath County Sheriff’s Posse was called out to north of Morgan Mill about two weeks ago to search for a man in a rural area where his phone was last pinged. He was found on the interstate.

The team will also participate in parades.

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