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Dropbox aimed at drug danger

A large green box now sits in the entryway to the Dublin Police Department, offering a year-round solution for the community to dispose of unneeded prescription medications.

The box is provided at no cost thanks to a partnership between Dublin PD and the Erath County Community Coalition (EC3) and is available for walk-ins Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, and by appointment after hours and on weekends.

“You can still access the box 24 hours per day,” EC3 coordinator Eric Lockwood said. “It’s a place for the community to anonymously and safely dispose of their prescription drugs.”

Lockwood said there are three reasons for providing this take-back box.

“It keeps children safe,” Lockwood cited as the first reason. He elaborated that about half of the calls to poison control are related to children who accidentally ingested medicine found around the house.

He also reported that the primary way that prescription drugs are circulated is after people raid the medicine cabinets of someone they know.

Lockwood said use of the box will also help Dublin’s environment, as well as its people, since flushing the drugs cause them to spread into the water, ground and wildlife.

Wilson echoed this sentiment, remarking that medications dissolved into the local water table would produce many adverse effects.

Anyone needing to dispose of such medication can anonymously drop it into the box and the Dublin PD will transport the contents for incineration any time the box is full. (Residents are asked not to put any aerosols in the box.)

Lockwood suggests Dubliners make it part of a regular routine and encourages everyone to check their medication often for those no longer needed, which pose a greater risk than benefit.

Lockwood was also happy to announce another agreement made with CCS Hospice aimed at destroying potentially harmful medication. Lockwood said policies had been in place for the disposal of a patient’s prescriptions when they expire in a hospital or nursing home, but there were no provisions for patients who died at their own residence.

Thanks to the EC3-CCS partnership, the families of hospice patients can request special pouches that will dissolve the active ingredients of prescription drugs when placed inside with water.

Lockwood was grateful for the cooperation of the Dublin community in fighting the abuse of prescription meds.

“We usually have one project in a fiscal year,” he said. “This is exciting for us. We’re seeing some good results.”

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