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100+ clean up community

Dublin reinforced its commitment to keeping a cleancommunitySaturday during the second annual Dublin Clean event.

“We had 103 signatures but we had more show up,” Dublin City Code Enforcement Jeremy Essary said of the volunteers who gathered at the City Park at 7 a.m.

This crew, made up of organization members, students and school staff and individual volunteers, then split up with many heading to the public works yard, where 12 dumpsters were waiting to be filled. And they were by the time the gates closed at noon.

These haul-off dumpsters were provided in part by a partnership by Waste Connections, who also provided two garbage trucks to help compact loose items to maximize what could be taken that morning. A front end truck was also on-site to help load heavy items into dumpsters.

“It was awesome,” Essary said of WC’s participation. “Everything was thought of and it all worked really well.”

The largest contributor to the event’s success was the amount of volunteers, which Essary said was on par with last year.

“The volunteers worked tirelessly from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.,” he said.

“The school was once again the biggest group,” he added, indicating staff, cheerleader, athletes and members of the drill team and band helped. “The students were energetic, willing and enthusiastic.”

This enthusiasm could be seen in the student athletes, who were active while taking the 264 tires collected.(Essaryreported that this number was down from more than 600 last year, showing the effectiveness of the program.)

Essary was also appreciative of the “parents” who were volunteering while watching mock babies as part of a class assignment. “They did great even with that baby project going on.”

Other students helping out included Tarleton’s Kappa Delta Psi, who is hoping to push for more volunteers from the university next year.

A point of pride for Essary is that traffic through the yard seemed to run smoother after they rerouted brush to its own area and moved tires to a separate location.

The volunteers who weren’t toiling at the yard were assisting 15 trucks and trailers, which were picking up items from 131 city addresses. This was up from the 100 which requested pickup last year.

Essary said these pickups included a lot more furniture than Dublin Clean’s inaugural year. Volunteers gathered couches, beds, a lot of old TVs and even a tanning bed. Collected items also included three full bins of metal that are being recycled.

“I’ve already heard from several of the property owners and they were very thankful,” Essary reported.

Another change from last year was the lunch offered to the volunteers at the park after work was done. Dublin EMS Director Erik Burleson prepared a brisket lunch for the 100-plus people who aided in cleaning up Dublin.

Essary was able to be there and said everyone was sharing stories and visiting.

“There was a camaraderie there.”

“This was easier said than done,” Essary said of the event. “We couldn’t have done any of it without the volunteers, organizations, public works and Waste Connections.”

He also reported the third annual Dublin Clean has already been set for April 25, 2020.

“Clean up is a never ending process,” he said, citing the City’s continued commitment. “I hope everyone took advantage of the event because the City Council is taking a stronger stance in the coming year.”

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