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Erath County COVID update- July 22, 2020


Erath County officials acknowledged five new positive COVID-19 cases for July 22, 2020.

There were actually seven that were reported, however, one was from out-of-county, and one was a re-test that had been previously reported so it was not included. The persons were added to the list of “active” cases and are self-monitoring, as none required hospitalization. 

"As cases have increased in prevalence this month in both small and large counties, the regional hospitalization rates are the best indicator of what is going on with COVID-19," said Erath County Judge Alfonso Campso in a release. "To date, our local hospital has experienced a manageable number of COVID-19 patients, most are for short stays, and only single digits (of patients) at any one time. There have been 14 total hospitalizations locally." 

"The increase in infections seen in rural communities like ours is mostly attributed to residents taking fewer safeguards, as opposed to residents of metro communities," he continued. "While the largest and more densely populated counties still suffer the most infections and deaths, the overall rates of increase in infections has grown at a faster pace in the more rural counties in the past month."

County officials ask Erath residents to observe DSHS guidelines to help stop the spread of infection:

  • Wear a face covering in public 
  • Stay six feet apart 
  • Wash or sanitize hands often 
  • If sick, get tested and stay at home 
  • Stay home when possible

To view the daily local COVID-19 infections:

For detailed state-wide information, see the Texas DSHS website:

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