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Lions take on Tigers

Dublin Lions Coach Bob Cervetto expressed a lot of appreciation for his team and fans for braving the cold, wet weather for a tough away loss in Jacksboro Friday night against the Tigers.

“We told them if you’re really locked in, you’ll never notice the weather,” he said of the coaches’ instructions to the players.

The Lions took the message to heart as they were still pushing in the final minute when they scored a Touchdown to close the gap for a final score of 23-16.

Cervetto saw a lot of bright spots among his players, citing quarterback Cy Wing, Kevin Cervantes (who had two fumble recoveries in the first half), Johnny Jurado on defense, Trent Lopez, Mateo Marquez, Taylor Patton, Angel Rodriguez and Hagen Huffman.

Scoring for the Lions were Huffman and Wing with Christian Ramirez completing a field goal and a PAT.

Cervetto said the loss probably can be traced to a handful of plays, but praised the Lions for keeping pace.

“This is a team that really dominated us last year and we went toe-to-toe with them,” he said. “[The Lions] played with heart. They played with passion.”

This puts the 3-1 Lions in a battle for second place in district as they face The Comanche Indians in their final home game at the Dublin Memorial Stadium.

Cervetto expects some similar opposition to Jacksboro as both teams run winged T formations although Comanche will probably be a little more spread out.

There are a lot of plans in place to send off the stadium so Cervetto has warned his team that the game will be a lot like homecoming and require focus to stay on the field.

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