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Group seeks aid in grave care

The local United Daughters of the Confederacy chapter (George B. Erath 2679) is asking the community for help in taking care of some of Dublin’s earliest residents.

The group joined together Tuesday for the first of several planned work days to address widespread disrepair of graves at the Old Dublin Cemetery on CR 322.

“We always put out Confederate flags on graves in honor of Confederate History Month,” said the chapter’s President Sheran Weible.

As they put out the flags, it was immediately obvious that work needed to be done.

“All these beautiful monuments had been toppled over by time,” she said.

Tall memorials have toppled and broken; ground markers have been cracked and/or buried; lichen has covered others, making the words unreadable and creating pits and damage.

Weible reported that the cause is a dear one to the UDC as the organization originally formed out of groups concerned with caring for cemeteries and memorials.

“One of our main tasks is to stand for benevolent history preservation,” she said.

This was recognized by the cemetery’s caretaker Ray LaBaume when the group contacted him about the project.

The chapter voted on the project in January but waited until it got a little warmer to start work.

Tractors and mechanisms are being used to lift toppled memorials during the workdays while mild soap and a biological solution named D2 are being used to clean the stones and make them glean again.

Weible said a lot of research went into getting supplies and kits to restore tombstones.

They have already witnessed how well the materials work.

Weible was cleaning the stone for T.G. Murphy and saw some stone under a neighboring bush.

“I said that looks like a marker,” she said. “It turns out it was two. The markers were unearthed and relaid and all three shine bright after being properly restored.

The group is looking to do this for all the stones in the historic cemetery and is working section-by-section. The next work day is slated for May 2 at 10:30 a.m.

“I’m hoping we can get in quite a bit before June,” Weible said. “The goal is once we get this cemetery done, we can move on to another one.”

For more information or to volunteer, call 445-2361.

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