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Dublin Lions baseball team end short season

The 2019-2020 Dublin Lions Baseball team had to end their season early due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting safety requirements.

Lions Head Coach Kellen Cervetto had this to say of the short season:

2020 had such high hopes for Dublin Baseball. We were coming off a 7-12 season with a young group of guys coming back.

Everything was in place to have a special season. We were 6-4 going into district play and we had just beat a Nocona team that had 24 wins last season. Needless to say we were excited.

The team chemistry was there and the group of guys enjoyed being around each other.

We were sitting at CiCi's in Weatherford and Coach Harris got some information on his phone and said “they just closed schools in Fort Worth. We thought, ok. Big school district, no way that happens here. Then minute after minute more schools and then the next day, Dublin ISD.

No one ever thought that our seniors just played their last game. I didn’t think so. No way this happens to us, no way our season ends this way, no way with a season so bright.
Weeks went by, then a month. Then the governor says, school are closed for the remainder of the year. Then the UIL follows suit.

Heartbreak is the only real emotion that comes to mind.

No senior season, no playoffs, no prom, no graduation. Unreal is a term I have used a lot lately because it doesn’t seem real.

We have told our student athletes “play like there is no tomorrow”, for them there wasn’t. And no one had any idea.

I feel for the seniors, Griffin Pickett, Blaize Leatherwood, Angel Ramirez, Tyler Morrow. All of these gentlemen told me how excited they were about this season. But to have it pulled right out from underneath them is heartbreaking.

It’s tough on a coach, because what do you say? How do you keep an upbeat attitude?

It’s tough, but you have to be the one to tell them that’s it’s going to be ok. They have a lot of life to live and to not let this define your life but instead show the true devotion of a situation that you have been put in to come out of it and be better young men because of it.

We love our seniors, our heart breaks for them. But we know when this all over, they will be ok. And when they become fathers and husbands they can tell there children “play when you can because you never know when it will end.

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