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A week for Citizen news

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What a week for Citizen news.

Ninety-nine percent of the time the staff of the Dublin Citizen tries hard to stay out of the news.

We like to report on it not be in it.

But sometimes exciting things happen and you need to know.

This week is one of those weeks — in fact, we have two front page articles to keep you updated on important changes happening at your local newspaper office.

The first is the promotion of Paul Gaudette.

I couldn’t be more proud that Paul is taking over at the Dublin Citizen.

He has been with the paper for 11 years and has really grown as a writer and reporter.

He does an excellent job and few people in town know Dublin and its current news as well as he does.

He covers most of the major meetings in town (and several in Stephenville that impact Dublin) and always has a tab on the local events and happenings.

He has an excellent pulse on the community in general and does a great job keeping up with it.

He is also just an easy-to-get along with guy and I think that attitude is going to benefit the paper and the community as a whole.

I know that he will grow the paper and do excellent things as my replacement.

Speaking of growth, the paper itself is growing — literally.

This is the last edition at the paper’s current size.

Next week, the paper will have wider pages, allowing us to fit more news and bigger pictures of your kids and events.

This is part of a shift the Citizen is making, which you can read about on the front page, to print the paper with a new group who does some excellent work.

This measure will allow us to get back to an even wider paper than we had before.

Earlier deadlines are a result of this transition, but have no fear. The Citizen will continue working hard to cover what is happening and these new deadlines will not affect our commitment.

So, please, enjoy your bigger, fuller Dublin Citizen.

And find Paul and shake his hand with congratulations. He works hard and readily deserves this promotion.

Dykowski is the publisher of the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and .

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