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Mrs. Dykowski ...

One of my favorite things about “adulting” with Scott is that we vote together.

When everything goes to plan, we talk about the options, make a plan, pack up our kids and all go to the polls.

Sometimeswegetcomments about taking our kids to the polls, but I love our girls seeing democracy at work.

As women, their suffrage is doubly hard earned, and I want them to exercise it responsibly.

I also want to set the example for them of not letting politics get in the middle of your family.

Politics can be divisive, but they don’t have to be.

It’s important, to me, to be a realist about politics. Politicians are people and therefore imperfect. They also don’t have as much power as their campaigns often suggest.

In other words, no one you vote for is going to be the magic pill that fixes everything, and their opponent is not going to single-handedly bring the world to a crashing halt.

By keeping that in mind, it’s easier to look at the candidates and talk about them with an open mind and a calm spirit.

I also like to keep in mind that God is the ultimate ruler, so I don’t need to be afraid of what man occupies any particular chair in government.

I love talking to Scott about these things because he’s a researcher, open-minded and listens eagerly to my input.

It’s amazing to know that we have twice the voice voting together than we did before when we voted as individuals.

We vote more often and we actively work to come to an agreement so we don’t cancel each other out. After all, if we can’t even agree in our home, where we share common interests and goals, how can we expect our elected officials to come together and do their job?

So even in this toxic political climate, we can enjoy taking our children to the polls to show them how we can love our community and each other with our vote.

Sarah Dykowski is the wife of Publisher Scott Dykowski. She can be reached at .

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