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Unrequested babysitter

One Reporter’s Ramblings ...

Have you ever noticed how older siblings take it on themselves to make sure the behavior of younger children is kept in check.

Apparently, that phenomena isn’t just limited to people.

Katie and I spent the Easter weekend with her family, which of course meant we just went to their home to see their 14-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Molly.

At least that’s how Molly sees it.

Molly was very bonded to Katie when she still lived at home. It almost seemed like Molly resented me for taking away her human.

She definitely resented when we brought in our hyper border collie mix, Tesla.

Molly often snarls as Tesla excitedly kisses her face in greeting. Since Tesla doesn’t catch the hint, Molly growls and opens her mouth wider. Tesla uses this opportunity to stick her muzzle into Molly’s mouth and clean the backside of her teeth. Score 0 for Tesla’s social awareness and survival instincts.

Molly is slightly more OK with our Siberian Husky mix, Cooper, although she likes to assert dominance in ways that are embarrassing to my in-laws. Cooper’s panic-stricken face also indicates he’s not so keen on them.

With two hyper younger dogs in the house, Molly concocted a scheme to get them out of her home.

About two years ago, she started going to the back door and whining to go outside. Our dogs would often follow Molly on these trips and run outside ahead of her.

Molly would watch them leave with satisfaction and walk back to the living room.

Tesla caught on to this trick fast as she does with most things. My dog ... well, he’s very pretty and happy.

Since Cooper never seemed to catch on, Tesla started using the same trick on Cooper at my parent’s house. March to the back door, whine, wait for Cooper to go out, head back to the bedroom to nap.

It might be Tesla’s adoption of this tactic that led to Molly’s grief this weekend.

Molly sauntered to the door, whined and stood there as the door was opened. Tesla and Cooper also stood there and stared at the wide-eyed Molly, who froze as the other dogs refused to go out. She tried it several times and even when Cooper stepped outside, he came right back in to Molly’s chagrin.

Seems kids are always learning, even when you don’t want them to.

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