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RIP to Mika the Maxima

From The Editor ...

I started last Tuesday with a frantic prayer that may be similar to one you’ve made before.

“Dear Lord, just let my car get there safely. That’s all I ask.”

I said this behind the wheel as my car was parked on the shoulder of Highway 377 between Stephenville and Dublin. Every time a car passed at 75 MPH, the wind swayed my ailing Maxima (who I nicknamed Mika) back and forth.

Cooper, my Siberian husky mix let out a customary whine as he tried to reason why we had stopped halfway to our daily destination.

Even if he had seen the car’s thermostat go all the way to the top, he wouldn’t have understood what disasters that meant for the car’s engine... or even what an engine is. I still don’t think he has a grasp on what cats are yet.

The temperature gauge rose to the top twice during the 12-mile drive. As I reached the street my parents live on, the car shuddered forward with a loud pop. This was followed by a whine that sounded like someone was laying on a car horn nearby and smoke rose from underneath the hood.

I shut the car off and put on the hazard lights. I immediately hopped out and grabbed Cooper’s leash, knowing that he was startled. This was confirmed as he rushed forward, forcing me into a sprint towards my parents’ backyard.

I reported the traffic hazard to Dublin PD and within two or three minutes, officer Colby Giles was on scene and helping me push it down the street.

As I approach my 36th birthday, several of my friends joke about how I am a whole new man this coming year.

I’ve become the editor, I’m moving back to Dublin. I’m single again. Now, I’ll also be driving a new vehicle.

I have complained about some years in the past being uneventful. If that was a curse, then I am very blessed.

Even though I made the statement above as a joke, I do count myself blessed in many ways.

Even as I started down the path of divorce, many of my friends, family and neighbors have let me know they care and offered sincere prayers and offers of assistance. I’ve appreciated every one.

I’ve also got a great crew here in the office that is finding their footing and an awesome network of contacts that has made my transition to editor easier and enjoyable.

It’s also hard to be too upset about the Maxima. She was reliable for most of the 10 years and 140,000 miles I’ve had her. I had also started looking at purchasing a new car because of the issues that had started appearing more frequently.

The timing makes the loss a little easier to take and although I didn’t get all the way when she died, she stopped in a safe place where she could be pushed the rest of the way.

Our lives are full of good and bad. We have to confront the bad things to correct them, but we don’t have to let them consume us.

Gaudette is a staff writer at the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and .

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