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Quicksand is Real

Pet Tails

Rain had poured for weeks. The sugar sand on the farm absorbed the rain and created quicksand. Dante, a leopard appaloosa stallion, had fallen in the quicksand out in his pen several times in different places throughout the week. He was dug out each time, just to be found in another hole later.

My Dad, husband and I came to help my uncle and his wife rescue Dante. Digging him out the day before had been unsuccessful. Buried up almost to his withers, he would have floundered if he were to stay there another 24 hours. Bucket by bucket, we pulled water from the hole just for more to seep in the sides. Life was looking grim for Dante.

Shovels do not work well to scoop out quicksand. I sat on my knees and started scooping the quicksand out along the edge with my hands while hoping he didn’t bite me. He was very tired and cranky by this point.

We finally rescued him from the pit to have him take 3 steps and fall into another quagmire. As a last resort, we cut the fence down and pulled him to safety with the tractor. We built a temporary corral around him while he was lying on stable ground passing gas, drinking more water, and eating hay. He was safe.

Pet Tails is a celebration of the special bond we have with the critters we keep. Readers can feature their pets by sending a picture and a brief description or story (150-200 words) to!

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