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Pooh in the window

From the Editor...

Last week was the first time I remember rushing for stuffed animals in a long time.

As local business owners around Dublin began setting up teddy bears in windows so kids could have a safe scavenger hunt while riding around town, I took stock.

As a single 36-year-old man, I didn’t have many stuffed animals to my name.

There was Winnie the Pooh bear that my aunt insists is mine and left in Dublin the last time she visited and a trio of Gizmo the mogwai. Two of them were from my childhood and were companions through hospital stays, like when I had my tonsils removed. 

The third was gift from one of my closest friends here in Dublin. I didn’t think she would mind if he got some sun, so I set him and Pooh up playing cards in the window at our office. (I’m sure every fan of “Gremlins” is now wondering why I chose to set up a creature that can get killed by sunlight in the window, but he seems to be doing fine.

The next day, they were joined in the neighboring window by a pikachu and psyduck from Pokemon, a teddy bear and a hearty owl that Cierra brought from home.

As Gizmo got set up, I realized how often we give stuffed animals to children for comfort when times are tough. It seems fitting that businesses and homes are putting out these toys, many of which were given with love and clung to during difficult times in our own childhoods. 

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