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Not normal, just routine

From the Editor...
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As the shelter in place order was decreed for Dublin at the city and county level for the next month, I heard several in the media and online state that they were getting accustomed to the ‘new normal.’

I take exception with calling anything about the COVID-19 situation normal and the term suggests that these conditions will continue indefinitely.

There will be an end to this, and it will come sooner if we follow the guidelines set in place.

With all that said, I can understand the sentiment. The disaster order being set for the entire month of April resulted in the first week that I felt I was getting back to a routine. 

I was able to plan stories out more carefully rather than just rushing the content I saw that immediately needed sharing.

I made time to talk with with friends and family, although these were all done via phone and messaging.

Sunday cemented that I had entered a temporary routine within the SIP lifestyle (sounds hipper if you use an acronym).

After getting up and going through the morning ritual, I got on Facebook and found a Palm Sunday address from my pastor.

It’s a shame to admit but I haven’t been to church in a while so one benefit of all this is church came to me. Among the many thing I won’t be taking for granted once the order is lifted is the ability to worship with a church family that I miss.

Afterwards I made lunch for myself and Cooper. (The dog got the last portion of roast beef for lunch this weekend. I think he’s enjoying me being sequestered at home with him.)

After taking him outside, I messaged a long-distance friend and we had a sort of virtual hangout when she said she was watching one of my favorite TV shows. 

I made popcorn and a drink and we pressed play at the same time, chatting as we watched a couple of episodes together. 

Would I have preferred to do all of this in person? Absolutely and I plan to once this is all over.

However, our communications make it possible to stay in touch even when we can’t see each other.

With Easter coming this week, find a way to celebrate in which you see fit. (I invite anyone with cool Easter crafts or egg hunts to email the pics to me. We’d love to share them!)

None of this is normal, but it is temporary and if we can find a routine that makes the best of it, it will be over much sooner.  The world is still a beautiful place and these days will make it seem that much better when we can fully experience it again.
Paul Gaudette is the managing editor at the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and


Published April 9, 2020

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