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Mrs. Dykowski... sees the light

Mrs. Dykowski ...

In this age of postmodernism, it’s not politically correct to say anything is undeniably true.

I can concede that there are many things humans don’t fully comprehend.

But, there are a few truths I believe cannot be denied.

One is that college sports are better than professional sports.

If you saw the NCAA college basketball championship on Monday, you know I’m right.

I’m not saying I would turn down Spurs tickets any time soon, but professional sports can’t hold a candle to the authentic drama of a college game, no matter how much pomp and pageantry they employ.

You don’t need all the fireworks and light shows at a college game because the school spirit and the passion of the athletes provides that excitement.

Y’all know I’m a band nerd, but I think anyone can agree that a spirited band and student section (when it doesn’t cross the obnoxious line or start rioting in the streets) are invaluable to the game experience. Y’all watched the Lions lately?

When it’s done right, school spirit is powerful.

Athletes in school contests play harder than professionals.

Knowing you can never replicate a season because there are always kids who will graduate adds passion to the game that professional sports can’t match.

Sure, the players are younger, so there are fewer showy highlights, but there is so much more heart.

High school sports have all of these strengths and more because the kids are more local, which makes it more fun to cheer for them. But, of course, Dubliners already know that.

If, however, you’ve gotten trapped by the glitz, glamor, politics and synthetic spirit of professional sports and ignored the greater good, there’s still time to repent.

The Red Raiders will most certainly be back next year to wreck ‘em.

Sarah Dykowski is the wife of Publisher Scott Dykowski. She can be reached at .

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