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Mrs. Dykowski... Mothers a nurturer

Mrs. Dykowski ...

Audrey got upset the other day and when I picked her up to comfort her I received the sweetest, most comforting little pats on the arm.

If she is blessed with children someday, they are really some lucky kiddos because her maternal instinct, even at one year old, is stronger than almost any woman I’ve ever met.

Every time Scott leaves the room for more than a couple of minutes, she greets him with a hug and the warmest “Hi, Dada!” you’ve ever heard.

We have a vintage play crib full of dolls who get kissed, hugged, patted, rocked, fed and carefully laid down on a regular basis.

Every new stuffed animal is squeeze tested immediately and regularly hugged.

Every hug is accompanied with a heartfelt “ooooooh.”

Her favorite bedtime ritual is “sister hugs” with Darci.

It involves a lot of giggling.

Audrey has other interests, as well. She loves counting, singing, dress up and water play.

She’s a brilliant nonverbal communicator and loves a good joke, even if she doesn’t understand it.

But her current favorite activity, besides giving hugs, is talking on the phone.

Any rectangle becomes her personal cellphone, and she loves to babble at her grandmothers on speakerphone.

In fact, every time a phone rings she says, “Hi!”

Who knows what traits and tendencies will stick around as she grows up, but I hope her love of people (and animals) is something she hangs on to.

That loving, nurturing spirit is something this world can never have too much of.

I know her nature is going to be such a blessing to our family and everyone she has close contact with as she grows.

It’s amazing to me how God made our children so different, but so full of potential to make this world a better place.

I just try not to mess it up.

Sarah Dykowski is the wife of Publisher Scott Dykowski. She can be reached at .

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