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Mrs. Dykowski... has ‘Frozen’ fever

Mrs. Dykowski ...

We’ve finally put the flu behind us, but a new fever is sweeping the Dykowski house.

Last week Audrey watched “Frozen” for the first time.

She loved it.

Darci has been a fan for years now, but Audrey is finally big enough to share her enthusiasm.

They are a great pair Elsa and Anna.

Darci is a drama queen, who takes things very seriously and likes to play by herself. Audrey is very social, silly and completely happy to just be herself.

Darci has dress-up dresses for both characters and Audrey really enjoyed wearing an Anna cape until she discovered the cool sound the velcro makes when she rips it off. Then she mostly enjoyed doing that over and over.

The new teaser trailer for “Frozen II” was released the day after Audrey’s first viewing and the girls both thought it was cinematic genius.

I’ll confess, I’m pretty excited, too.

I know there has been a lot of speculation about some questionable content in the next movie, but I haven’t seen any actual evidence of that.

So for now we’re allowing ourselves to be excited that Elsa is apparently trying to learn to use her ice power to run on the ocean.

November is a long time away, so in the meantime, we’ll have regular screenings and costumed adventures in the living room.

Sarah Dykowski is the wife of Publisher Scott Dykowski. She can be reached at .

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