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Mrs. Dykowski ...chills with a rhino

Mrs. Dykowski ...

Scott and I recently took a chilly trip with our kids to the zoo in Waco.

Darci layered a hoodie she calls “rainbow-dash jacket,” because we apparently name all of our clothes now and her pink bunny coat. Audrey was wrapped in a less-fortunate, nameless blanket in her stroller.

Darci had an extensive conversation with a jaguar who she forgave for not being jade, like the jaguar in her favorite TV show.

She and Audrey were completely engrossed in watching a zookeeper dressed as a mermaid swim in the aquarium and feed the fish.

I’m pretty sure Darci thinks she lives in there full time and Audrey wants to be her.

I wouldn’t be shocked at this point if Audrey turns out to be a marine biologist — she loved every water and wetland exhibit.

Darci likes the big animals best. She called for “Simba and Nala” to come, but they were busy relaxing. She hollered friendlily at the bison, who apparently get hollered at on a regular basis because they didn’t seem to notice. She enjoyed observing the giraffes and rhinoceroses.

Audrey waved and waved hello at the elephants between bites of goldfish crackers, because watching the giraffes eat made us all hungry.

We posed with the cutouts, watched a humongous orangatan climb around his cage. We unearthed dinosaur remains and generally had a grand old time.

It was probably one of the best zoo trips we’ve ever taken — because of the cold.

Cold weather that makes people stay home makes animals more active — well all except the grizzly bear, who was taking what looked like an incredible nap. I was tempted to hop the barrier and join him, but then I imagined my fate if I woke him up and I decided against it.

The kids must have learned something because they both slept pretty soundly at naptime that afternoon.

In this stage of life, a successful naptime makes any day a great one.

Sarah Dykowski is the wife of Publisher Scott Dykowski. She can be reached at .

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