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Molly’s mouthfuls

Pet Tails

With my Aunt and Uncle coming into town, my parents have had a four-legged houseguest for the last week in Molly, an older Labrador/ Staffordshire Terrier mix.

Molly is a very sweet dog although is prone to the occasional bark or growl if another dog gets close to her food... or any other unattended bowl she may find.

On the first day of her visit, she walked over to Maya’s unattended food bowl and lay down with her head directly over the bowl. She lay there for a few minutes, lazily eating the stolen meal and growling at my husky, Cooper when he got too close to her ill-gotten goods.

This scavenging is no doubt due to her history. Molly was one of 12 dogs that had to find homes when their elderly owners died. The couple were apparently very loving but the cramped dogs obviously had to get territorial when it came to food.

In every other aspect, Molly is a sweet and happy dog, eagerly wagging her tail and running to greet her owners when they come through the door.

Uncle Joe marvels that Molly is as good-natured as she is given her history, but you can see how appreciative she is of her affectionate owners.

Pet Tails is a celebration of the special bond we have with the critters we keep. Readers can feature their pets by sending a picture and a brief description or story (150-200 words) to!

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