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To lose one’s B section would be an awfully big adventure.

One Reporter’s Ramblings ...

This is fun; I don’t care what anyone says.”

Our dedicated staff photographer, Marilyn, said these words as nine people were busily hand stuffing the sports section in nearly 2,000 copies of last week’s edition.

Everyone kind of scoffed, but the day is definitely one that will be remembered.

The journey started last Wednesday morning when Marilyn got back with the May 23 issue. As we started sorting papers to go on routes or to post offices, I immediately noticed the weight seemed a little off.

I heard a cry of frustration from Cindy inside the office and leafed through the bundle in my hands. I looked up at Scott who was on the other side of the van and said, “We’ve got a big problem.”

Our copies went straight from Section A to section C. We briefly entertained delivering the papers without it, but then I thought of readers without classifieds, sports and three pages of school award winners that hours were spent putting together.

Several phone calls later, our printer in New Braunfels was working to pin-point the issue. To their credit, they immediately started trying to find the problem. It appears that there was confusion with our B and C sections and someone cleared it without it getting printed.

They agreed to print out fresh B sections and drive those sections to us straight from New Braunfels, a 3½ - to 4-hour drive for those who aren’t familiar.

This was sorted out by around 11:30, so we were estimating a 5 p.m. arrival. This meant that the papers that usually go on the racks Wednesday would be hitting racks Thursday. Fortunately, our local post offices allowed us to deliver the bundles Thursday morning (slightly before sun up) to get into local mailboxes that day.

This all meant one thing: Pizza party! Oh, and opening every bundle, inserting the B section into each copy by hand and then packaging them back in the same stacks for shipping and delivery. It’s just that simple.

With the help of the men who brought the B section and my dad (who brought kite string for me to sloppily tie some of the bigger bundles back together), it was all done within 45 minutes.

As we were finishing, Scott remarked his amazement at all the problems that can occur in putting a paper together. Having seen a variety of complications over the past decade, I had to agree.

Almost any task can face countless obstacles and once they happen, we have to own them and band together to fix them. We will probably remember the last paper as a challenging one to put out but I will also remember the dedication of the entire team who worked after hours to get it out to our community.

Gaudette is a staff writer at the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and .

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