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Huked on Fonix Werked Fore Me

Rambling Man ...

I don’t think we have any section that’s immediately as popular as the “Letters to Santa” section. We ran up on several deadlines this week so it looked like my weekend would be spent typing in letters so they could get in this edition.

That is, until both Sara and Cierra volunteered to take a couple of grades and share the load. Monday morning was spent sharing favorites.

As an only child, I always find it funny how differently kids talk about their siblings, with some making sure they get what they want and others beginning like: ‘I’v Been reaLLe gooD this yeer, but my BrotHer has Been baD..’

Cierra was moved by the kids who asked for things for friends and family, showing how much they genuinely cared.

Sara commented on the one thing that jumps out at anyone reading Santa letters: the spelling. Sara has a friend who teaches younger grades, and her friend advised her to sound out any word that was presenting problems, because kids that age spell phonetically.

She was amused by some of the creative spelling, particularly “Spassout” (Space suit).

I hope that you get to see a lot more of the critical thinking and even character of the kids in this spelling. Sure, it’s cute but they arrived at a completely original spelling and were understood by adults who have long been familiar with the correct spelling. Kudos to all the original spellers.

A note: we had some classes come in a bit too late for the section so they can be found on page A8 of the Dec. 19 edition. Check those out and the special section to see what all the Dublin and Lingleville kids are thinking about this Christmas.

We hope it adds to your holiday excitement as they clearly are!

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