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Coming together through 'Social Distancing'

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I don’t think there has been any paper I’ve worked on that has turned out as drastically different as the March 19 edition.

I was expecting and hoping for tons of St. Patrick’s coverage until Friday afternoon when a disaster declaration led to cancellations of almost everything for Saturday.

Sports and school are likewise being interrupted with officials working to ease the situation with free lunch delivery by our local school district and the waiving of the STAAR standardized test state-wide.

I see report after report of people stockpiling hand sanitizer and toilet paper, but I also see people like Crystal DeHay of Nikki’s Neat Eats  offering free lunches for kids in town through the end of the week and even businesses easing the burden with lowered gas prices and leniency on bills for people whose work schedule and pay may be affected.

There’s a lot of plans that were affected by the emergence of COVID-19 but that   doesn’t mean our lives are on hold.

Take this time with your friends and family. Play a pick-up basketball game. Plan a family game night. Think outside the box to have fun and make some memories.

We’ve decided to bring back our spotlight for reader-submitted photos because life continues even  after emergencies are declared. We invite you to share yours.

Staff member Cierra Hawk kicks off the return of the spot with a rose showing there is still growth even as most feel life is standing still.

Paul Gaudette is the managing editor at the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and

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