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Brand new year, brand old me

One Reporter’s Ramblings ...

I stared bewilderingly at our storage unit, wondering where two plates could have gone amidst the camping gear, Christmas decorations, books and other miscellaneous items.

The plates were missing from a hutch that was being moved from the unit back to our apartment. This move was part of a fresh start Katie and I were making for the new year.

Our apartment is small, but Katie took some time to design a better layout as everything got reorganized.

With the assistance of a very dedicated friend and family members, our apartment got its brand new look for 2019.

This actually was done without the purchase of too many items. We got a bedspread, entertainment center and a few other accessories to aid in a cleaner look- shelving paper and curtain hooks can go a long way into making a room look neater.

We were able to get by with less shopping thanks to a few trips to storage while putting things away and picking things up, like the aforementioned hutch missing its shelves.

I was asked several times if the shelves were in the bottom compartment. Since I was failing in my quest, I checked every time.

I also flipped out a pocket knife and started opening any box that could possibly have contained them, whether it made sense or not.

This box says books. Well, maybe they are on top.

This one has Christmas lights. Maybe the plates are underneath.

This gray suitcase feels like its got clothes inside. Maybe they are wrapped around the pla-- huh.

Unzipping this suitcase revealed a trove of clothes I had forgotten about, including a suit and several button-up shirts I love.

The suit I had been looking for while I can remember writing one or two of the shirts as being lost forever. As I held one, I remembered inventing a story about how I had ripped it and thrown it away. No rips in the shirt, just a faulty memory in the owner.

I’m not surprised that I had lost track of the items. Our move to our current apartment had been hectic with a lot of trips between houses and the storage unit. There were a lot of other things to unpack too.

The LA Times reported a study which indicated the average American home contains 300,000 items. We may not have that many but we own enough that this suitcase got overlooked for three years.

Since the whole weekend was based around organization, it’s less likely that things will go missing.

So I’ve got a whole new wardrobe of old favorites just in time for 2019, and so does our apartment.

Gaudette is a staff writer at the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and .

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