Wild horses run free at museum

Dublin FFA students visited the Dublin Rodeo Heritage Museum on Tuesday morning to survey their work now on display as they stood beside metal plates of running horses welded to railings on the side of the building facing the Dublin Public Library.

The plates stand near last year’s rodeo train mural (painted by Judith Riola and aided by an EDC grant) and are the latest in a series of plans by museum President Carolyn Harbin to make that wall more inviting. The next step involves landscaping by the doors.

Harbin had the idea after seeing similar designs online and sending the design suggestion to FFA advisor Darren Price. The design was adapted by the group and fed into a plasma cutter near the end of May. It was delivered in early June.

Harbin’s first reaction on seeing the signs; “I loved them.”

A welder installed the signs during the summer and Harbin added paint for a striking two-tone design. Posing with the sign above are Daniel Banda (left to right), Curtis Adams, Christian Vazquez, Kevin Perez and Stephen Locklear.

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