Escobars do well at national art competition

Paul Gaudette
Staff Writer
Dublin brothers and artists Angel, Daniel and Joel Escobar spent last week in Houston for a national competition of the Kids Fine Arts contest of the Councils of the Assembly of God, with Angel claiming top honors and his brothers getting “excellent” in their respective categories.
The contest grades in four levels: fair, good, excellent and superior. Awards ranging from $500 to $2,000 are presented to those who earn superior marks.
Angel, an 18-year-old Dublin High School graduate, was excited for the win in T-shirt design, as this was his last year to compete. This was far from the first recognition he has received for his paintings and illustrations, though, as he made it to national competition five times, was featured in his own show through the Cross Timbers Fine Arts Gallery and was a finalist in a Dallas art museum contest.
His shirt design, which claimed the “superior” ranking, depicts a black-and-white heart in style similar to antique woodcut illustrations. Angel said the final design was simplified from the original idea of a heart rising from ashes.
“My concept was it was something God gave to me,” Angel said.
The eldest brother also claimed an excellent for a painting he did of lungs against a space background with flowers and vines emerging from them.
“I’ve recently gotten into anatomy,” Angel admitted.
The stylistic choice seems to work considering the win and that a local anatomy teacher was interested in purchasing some of his work.
This year also marked the first year that Daniel, 15, earned an excellent.
The middle brother got the designation for performing an original drum solo in front of an audience of thousands from all around the country.
“I was very nervous,” he admitted. “You get put out on the stage and everybody’s looking.”
“A lot,” Angel said. “There are a lot of people.”
All three brothers got to experience this as they performed in a band made up of youth from First Baptist Church of Dublin that was sponsored by Cornerstone Assembly of God in Stephenville.  Daniel was on drums while Joel, 13, played bass guitar. The band also received an “excellent” designation.
So what’s next for the brothers? Daniel and Joel are hoping to make it to nationals again next year and Daniel is aiming for a Superior next time.
Angel is headed to Tarleton, where he will be getting a bachelor’s degree in art before pursuing a law degree. Angel originally considered studying pre-law but a friend of his father is a lawyer and an artist, so he’s been able to offer Angel advice from experience.

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