The Publisher's Desk: Daddy-daughter doctor visit

My daughter teaches me over and over that 2-year-old’s are good at getting the best of you. 

Darci had a six-month check-up last week since she’s now 21/2 years old. 

Because I’m not brave enough to teach her how to drive, I took her. 

She was fairly excited about an outing with just the two of us. 

She was less excited about seeing a doctor. 

She finally confessed her fears: I’m not going to get a shot, she declared while flipping through a magazine in the waiting room. 

I honestly didn’t know if she was due for any vaccinations, so I had to confess so. 

You might have to get a shot.

Is it going to hurt? I followed up. 

But that’s OK, I continued. 
No, it’s really not OK. 

Shots are good for us, I countered. 
Well, probably they’re not, she shot back, with a conviction in her voice that betrayed that her probably came more from politeness than doubt. 

I once heard a saying — if you find yourself arguing with a 2-year-old, you are a 2-year-old. I would amend that — if you find yourself arguing with a 2-year-old, you will lose. 

Our shot concerns continued into the exam room while we waited for the doctor. 

Anna and Elsa had made the trip with us and Darci made them lay on the exam table and get shots. 

They have to get shots because they are sick, she explained. 

Are you their doctor or their nurse? I asked. 
No, I’m Darci.

Oh, right. Are you doctor Darci or nurse Darci? I continued. 
I’m just Darci. 

Well of course you are. What was I thinking?
Perhaps you could add to the above saying that if you try to out-logic a 2-year-old, you will lose. 

Her Darci-ing (as opposed to nursing or doctoring) of her toys extended even to Lumpy, an imaginary heffalump who had joined us in the waiting room and who “don’t feel very good.” 

I hadn’t learned my lesson and felt I needed to continue my pestering. Before everyone received an injection to feel better, we tried again. 

Are those shots going to hurt your toys? 
Oh, yes. 

Can you say, ‘This is going to sting a little bit?’
‘This is going to sting a little bit.’

Can you say, ‘It’s going to make you feel better?’
‘This is going to make you feel better.’

Are shots good for us?
Um, probably yes.
Um, probably a win for dad. 

And to top it all, she didn’t even have to get a shot of her own.

Who knows, maybe you can win with a 2-year-old. 

Scott Dykowski is the publisher of the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and

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