The Publisher's Desk: Going to or graduating from college? This rebate could help

I graduated college in three years. 

I loved college, but I was also eager to start life and move on to the next stage of professionalism and marital bliss. 

What I didn’t know is that, given a few provisions, I may have been eligible for a $1,000 rebate upon graduation. 

You are, too, if you graduate from a Texas public college in four years or fewer and meet certain qualifications. 

The Austin-American Statesman recently reported that many colleges are, in a sense, hiding the rebate from its students. 

Each of the 37 state colleges in Texas have different deadlines for applying. 

Some require you to do so the semester before you graduate. Others give you 60 days after graduation. 

Some colleges will apply the loan to you automatically, such as Stephen F. Austin State University or Midwestern State Univeristy. 

Others require you to apply individually but don’t always promote the program in a way that students will remember or find out about. 

I’m not 100 percent sure if the university I graduated from automatically applied this to me or not. I don’t remember getting $1,000 after graduation (it took me a month to find a job, so that would have been pretty significant), but I also know I didn’t apply or even know about it. 

I also graduated in May of 2011, just before the rules were changed that gave more leniency to students with dual credit — so at the time, I may not have qualified. 

Dual credit is no longer a problem. 

I’m not telling you this to complain, but just to inform you. I don’t want you to miss out on this rebate if you are still in school or fixing to head to school and didn’t know about it. 

For example, Tarleton State University requires you apply before graduation. 

This is directly from the Tarleton website. 

“Students must apply for the tuition rebate, prior to receiving their bachelor’s degree, using forms provided by their college or university.”

Applications can be picked up from the Registrar office. More details can be found at

For all who attend a different state school, check out the following website: It has the provisions for who qualifies and who doesn’t. 

And be sure to ask your guidance counselor what other kind of rebates you might qualify for. 

Who know’s what else is out there?

It can’t hurt to ask. 

Scott Dykowski is the publisher of the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and

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