One Reporter's Ramblings: Saying goodbye to a home away from home

One of the most unfortunate parts of growing up and getting older is that friends move away and you get to see them less often.

I was excited to see one of my best friends from high school this weekend but a little forlorn that the reason for his visit was “to say goodbye” to his childhood home as his Mom and step-father are also moving out of state.

There’s nothing particularly remarkable about the house although it on some very pretty acreage.

Still, it held a lot of good memories as a ‘home away from home’ where he and I would spend countless hours watching TV shows and movies, playing games and just philosophizing about life and general nerdy things. (More time was dedicated to the latter.)

Since it was outside of the city limits, it was the site of many 4th of July and New Year’s fireworks shows.

It was where I learned I was okay with ducks but that geese are the jerks of the bird world. 

Every time I would turn my back, they acted like they were chasing me. Turn to face them and they walked away honking like they had something better to do.

His parents had updated the outside so it seemed a little different, but the atmosphere immediately made me nostalgic. 

I had only been to that house one other time since he had moved but this time, I was struck by how different it seemed while immediately picturing how it was.

A lot of the possessions have already made their way North so it seemed bare, but I would turn expecting to see the furniture and decorations I remembered.

Even as I talked to my friend’s wife and toddler, I could remember he and I taking turns on Playstation games in his bedroom while waiting on a pizza to cook. 

I like to be friendly to everyone but I have a few best friends that will be lifelong. 

Several have parents that are like second parents to me.  Their houses were second homes that hold so many good memories.

Time moves on, people move, houses get renovated and re-decorated. 

Those homes still exist in our memories though, locked in a time where you had found a place and a family that welcomed you as one of their own.

Paul Gaudette is a staff writer at the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and

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