The Publisher's Desk: Freeze threatens our first Texas garden

I’m nervous. 

That freeze last weekend came only three weeks after we planted some vegetables in our garden. 

This is the garden we created three years ago in our backyard — a raised bed with mulch from the City’s free mulch pile, cinderblocks to contain it and a wooden ladder to allow climbing plants some space. 

This is also the garden that we have failed to plant anything in for the past two years. 

This year, we finally found the energy and time to get something (anything) in the ground. 

We wanted to start with seeds, but already established plants seemed more feasible with a newborn helping out. 

So we purchased three tomato plants, three jalapeno plants, one green bell pepper, one banana pepper and a cucumber. 

We’re really excited to try and keep them alive. 

Sarah had the idea of putting cups and milk jugs around them, with the bottoms cut out, to protect the thin stems from wind. 

After we noticed some bug bites, we sprayed it with a homemade solution created from baby shampoo (we seem to have a lot of that) and some other household items.

And we’ve watered them pretty much every day it hasn’t rained. 

On our balcony in North Dakota, we had a salsa garden that thrived. 

There’s something about the summer air and the soil up there — everything grows without effort. 

Sarah and I both have experience trying to grow things in Texas, individually, without much success. 

Maybe our combined black thumbs will create a green one — or maybe not.

This freeze is not looking to be a great start, but here’s hoping for a fruitful spring and summer. 
Scott Dykowski is the publisher of the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and

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