Cheerleaders picked for 2018-2019

The 2018-19 varsity cheerleaders were picked after tryouts March 29. Next year’s team will be Samantha Calderon (back row, left to right),  
Legend Brown, Maeleigh Geijsel, Hollyn Carr; Bryten Ballenger (middle row), Kylie Curtoys, Mackenzie Mathis; Kylie Olvera (front row), Rianna Turner and 
Tayler Smith.


The 2018-19 junior high cheerleaders are Dayana Martinez (back row, left to right), Tembree Brown, Avery Johnson, Kiersten Fincannon, Libby Turner (front row), Joli St. Germain, Arely Munoz and Chloey Rollins.


Mascots were also chosen March 29. Elizabeth Reed (left) will be donning the costume for Dublin Junior High while  
Veronica Rodriguez (right) will be performing as Shadrack for 2018-19.

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