LHS lifter names state alternate

Kaylee Melton (above) earned eighth-place at the Regional powerlifting meet in Temple. She placed in the 220-pound class as a freshman with a total of 695-pounds. 

She is the 2A/1A alternate for the State meet, which is being held in Waco. 

She did 240-pounds on squat, 140-pounds on bench press and 315-pounds on dead lift. 

Coach James Boyle praised her performance, pointing out she had never worked out in a weight room or done any kind of weight lifting prior to the powerlifting season.

Teammate Aubrey Kellar had also qualified for regionals and placed 12th at the event. She made this accomplishment less than a year after a vehicle collission had broken her arms in multiple locations.




Lingleville sent three Cardinals to the Regional powerlifting meet in West with one taking fourth in his division and the other placing ninth in theirs.

Jacob Winter finished fourth in the 181-pound class, lifting a total of 1,225. That total came from 490 in squat, 260 in bench and 475 in dead lift.

Carlos Moreno finished ninth in the 123-pound class with a total of 690 pounds lifted: 290 in squat, 115 in bench and 285 in dead lift.

Stephen Fritz finished ninth in the 148-pound class, marking his advancement into the top 10 as a sophomore in the Region after starting the season ranked 48. Fritz lifted a total of 975 pounds — 375 in squat, 250 in bench and 350 in dead lift.

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