Mrs. Dykowski... watches internet videos

Being super pregnant leaves me with little energy so I find myself spending quite a bit of time online, looking at random videos. 

I have an online friend who loves everything about makeup. 

She does makeup tutorial videos and posts them online. 

There are a lot of women who do this, post videos of themselves putting on makeup for other women to learn from.

They carefully show the product labels so you can recreate the exact look — if you can afford to. 

They use intricate techniques and the videos, though never more than about 5 minutes long, always lose me within about 50 seconds. 

There’s so many steps, so much blending, so many colors — not to mention that almost none of them have my bleached peaches and cream complexion. 

It’s something I want to be interested in. 

It seems interesting and maybe even relaxing to watch someone put on their makeup, but in reality, it’s not something that captures my imagination at all. 

My makeup game could use some work. 

But my budget can’t handle the strain of a cosmetic addiction. 

So I guess for now I’ll just scroll on by the highlight and contour lessons, skip the perfect smokey-eye diagram and leave the Kardashian lipstick technique to the Kardashians. 

In the meantime, I’ll watch hair tutorials. 

Have I told you how incredibly mesmerizing it is to watch someone fix someone else’s hair in a really cool way?

I always think, I could totally do that!

Then I try it on Darci or myself and suddenly I realize I have no idea what I’m doing. 

It’s a little disheartening. 

But it doesn’t stop me from trying again the next time I see a “doable” hair tutorial video. 

Maybe someday I’ll find one that’s actually doable. 

Darci will sometimes join me in watching videos. 

She and I like to watch cute babies. 

We recently stumbled on a compilation of little babies and toddlers eating spaghetti. It was adorable. 

She likes to name the babies after people we know and pick one to pretend is her. 

She’s pretty adorable, too. 

If someone asks the baby a question on the video, she will answer. 

I think video-chatting with her grandmothers has warped her understanding of what a video is. 

That’s only frustrating for her when we’re watching old videos of Scott and I playing with her, and she can’t figure out why her daddy won’t talk to her in real time. 

It’s a learning curve. 

When I really need a distraction, I like to watch videos of people making things — art, candles, cowboy hats, food, you name it — it’s all mesmerizing. 

So if you find yourself laid up waiting for a baby, a train or just unable to sleep, you could probably find something more productive to do than watching online videos like me.

Sarah Dykowski is the wife of Publisher Scott Dykowski. She can be reached at

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