Mrs. Dykowski... presents Spring Sports

It’s spring sports time again! 

The weather is — sort of — changing and it feels like to time to pull the tennis rackets out of the garage. 

I’m not actually going to do that of course because I’m basically nine months pregnant, but that’s the feeling in the air. 

I’m a little envious of the kids who I’ve seen on the court these last few weeks practicing their serve. Mine could really use some work. 

Last week, one of my Facebook memories was a photo of Scott and I after we spent most of an afternoon playing tennis, trying to help him prepare to play in an open tournament with his sister. 

We’ve played a few times since then. 

Darci likes to play on the court with us, but I find that my game is a little timid with her running around. 

Luckily, I’ve only pegged her once and it was a very gentle hit. 

She barely noticed — I felt like the world’s worst mom. 

How does Serena Williams keep her game so strong? 

Maybe comparing my quarterly unscored tennis match against Scott to Serena Williams’ world-class tennis career is a mistake. 

Either way, I miss hitting the court.

I hope the kids who are playing this year have a lot of fun and great success. 

Some other kids are working on their golf swing, which I’m less jealous of personally, but I know a lot of Dubliners are excited that the next generation is taking up Ben Hogan’s sport. 

It’s always an adventure rounding up photos of all these athletes for our annual Spring Sports preview. 

I love working with the kids and coaches, even if it can get a little hectic juggling all the various schedules. 

Also, getting more than 50 teenage boys to stand still and look at the camera long enough to get a shot where all of their eyes are at least open-ish and all their faces are clearly visible is not for the faint of heart. 

We battled wind, cold, school cancellations and echoing gyms. 

Coaches helped us identify kids, even on their days off. 

Kids posed for photos before the sun rose. 

It was a huge effort on everyone’s part and we’re proud to present this preview to the community. 

We hope it inspires you to go to a game, tournament or meet and support the kids and coaches who put a lot of time and effort into each sport. 

We hope you’ll clip your kids’ and grandkids’ photos and put them in a scrapbook or on the fridge for a while. 

We hope we spelled everyone’s name correctly. 

We hope you enjoy reading the stories and our sponsors’ messages as much as we enjoyed publishing them.

If you can’t make it to an event, we’ll have every result we can get our hands on in the paper each week. 

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