Report filed on judge candidate

A police report was filed against Erath County Judge candidate Heath Allen following an altercation at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce banquet Monday night.

Chamber Executive Director Luanne Schexnider was approached by Allen at the end of the event. She reported that he started yelling and threatening her and her family, which led to the intervention of two other people.

After Allen exited the building, he was joined in the parking lot by Dublin Police Chief Mendez who was in attendance at the banquet. Mendez said he and Allen talked for a couple of minutes before leaving. 

It was reported that he continued yelling and using profanity outside as banquet guests exited the Dublin Intermediate School, where the event was held.

Mendez reported Allen returned to the school a short time later while Schexnider was in the school. It was then that statements were taken by Schexnider and a witness.

Statements are being collected for a report that will be presented to the Erath County Attorney’s Office. Any charges will be determined after the report is reviewed.

Allen was contacted for this story but declined to comment.

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