The Publisher's Desk: So you want to elect an official? (continued)

Voting informed can be hard. 
Who do you vote for? How do you find trustworthy information? Who can you count on?
Well, the Dublin Citizen, of course. 
In all seriousness, though, we do our best to cover local campaigns fully, but we don’t have the space or resources to do statewide or national campaigns justice. 
So, starting last week, I’m detailing my advice about how to research these elections so you feel fully informed on election day. 
The key is to get your information from several sources. No source is complete in and of itself. 
Last week we discussed getting the ballot from the state secretary’s website.  
This week, let’s consider the Dallas Morning News. 

DMN has an elections center complete with question-and-answer profiles and, sometimes, endorsements. 

I’m not saying you should take their endorsements as gospel. I sometimes disagree with you they’ve chosen. 

But these endorsements often have interesting background information on the candidates and their opponents that will help you form your own opinion. 

Likewise, the question-and-answer format is usually very extensive, and most of the major candidates in any given race participate. 
It’s very informative. 

I don’t know of another major daily in Texas that offers comprehensive information for free. 

You can visit to find their most recent endorsements. Cross reference the info you found on the state secretary’s ballot to see which of their endorsements apply to you.

Even better, you can visit DMN’s Voter Guide. 

For this particular primary, you can visit Enter your address and compare Q&A’s of the candidates listed. Or select “all” under the address box and look for the ones you care about.

Listed after I put in my Dublin address was the one federal Senate race and state races such as “Governor,” “Commissioner of Agriculture” and “State Senator — District 30,” among several other statewide races I’ll be able to vote on (They don’t have local races. That’s what you have the Dublin Citizen for.). They also had the one federal race for senator listed.

Clicking on “Commissioner of Agriculture” brought up “Trey Blocker,” “Jim Hogan” and “Sid Miller.”  

By clicking on all three of them, I was able to compare their answers at the same time (although Hogan hadn’t answered questions, so no information was available.)

After reading through, I’m one step closer to making a decision. 

So you have a full picture, I’m going to briefly list my next suggestions. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll discuss these suggestions in more detail. is a good source of information. 

Third, the Texas Tribune’s databases can often have useful information concerning upcoming elections.

Fourth, campaign websites can sometimes give you insight into candidates. 

Finally, any chance you have to hear candidates speak live is a great opportunity. 

Scott Dykowski is the publisher of the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and

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