One Reporter's Ramblings: The benefits of staycations

Monday was my first vacation day of the year. My day started off pretty eventful.

I fought a demon that was corrupting Templar knights so that they could help me in my quest to end the blight that was affecting the entire kingdom.

Sure, it was in an Xbox game, but that shouldn’t take away from such a noble achievement.

My parents and we actually took vacation days to spend time with my Aunt Vicky and Uncle Joe, who were basically second parents to me growing up.

I just got to have a relaxing morning since we were staying up late and visiting. 

The family also made a couple of shorter drives for dinner and to visit Katie at the W.K. Gordon Center while she was working Saturday.

Echoing sentiments I voiced in a previous column, Aunt Vicky said how nice it was to see Katie, an avid history lover, in her element as she showed us around the museum and explained the happenings of Thurber before it became the ghost town it is today.

Afterwards, we stopped at the Smokestack restaurant located in a historic building from Thurber’s hayday that was converted into the business.

We had several good meals but this one impressed me the most because it’s rare to have an eatery under-sell their product.

Ordering a mushroom-swiss burger, I was presented with a thick, tender burger that wasn’t greasy at all. It was topped with fresh mushrooms and served on homemade bread. None of this was advertised on the menu.

I have a friend who only ever really takes ‘staycations,’ taking off from work and catching up on a show and exploring ‘his backyard’  by eating at place he hasn’t tried yet and visiting new stores.

With minor triumphs like these, I get the appeal. It was a break from routine without the hassle of planning a big trip.

There’s always that thought that ‘you could go there anytime,’ but in my experience, few of the places we put off going to ever get visited.

Taking a special day gives you the excuse. 

I was glad to have the excuse while bonding with my wife and four people who were instrumental in me becoming the man I am today.

Paul Gaudette is a staff writer at the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and

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