Mrs. Dykowski... versus her plan

I am a planner. 

Scratch that — I married a planner. 

He likes to plan things down to the minute. 

Literally, his planner is broken into 30-minute increments every day. 

Some of that has inevitably rubbed off on me because I also keep a planner. (Mine is just broken up by day, because I like to see the whole month at once.) 

The only daily thing I have listed in my planner is our meal plan, which I prep and shop for twice a month. 

I was advised by my doctor that I needed to change my diet a bit in the home stretch of pregnancy, early in our last meal plan period. 

Let’s just say I had to get a little creative to finish those last few days. 

I’ve never been so excited to grocery shop as I was last Thursday when my old meal plan finally ran out, and my grocery budget started over. 

It’s not easy to plan for Scott’s need for more veggies and whole grains, and my need for more iron-rich proteins and fewer carbs. 

Factor in that Darci is a typical picky toddler who only really likes chicken and potatoes, and you can see that I have a real dilemma. 

But somehow I’ve managed a happy medium that I think we can all live on for the next little while. 

I was most excited about shopping for breakfast foods. 

Like a lot of working families — particularly ones in which the mom is not a morning person, we don’t eat the same things for breakfast. 

I pack our pantry with options we all like and everyone just eats what they feel like every morning. 

That means that I don’t have to accommodate anyone else’s desires into my breakfast options. 

And I don’t have to feel bad about hoarding them. I’m feeding half our family after all, and Audrey and I have some very specific needs. 

Darci has her muffins, cereal, applesauce and copious amounts of milk.

Scott has his low-cholesterol choices. 

I tried to shop so that I could look forward to starting the day with a high-protein mom breakfast every day of this meal plan. 

I might rather have a pop tart most days, if we’re being honest. But I’d rather not have a 10-pound baby in March. 

So pass the Greek yogurt, please. 

Meanwhile, the planning continues. 

Scott’s paternal nesting instinct is in full gear and our to-do list gets a little shorter each week. 

I’m relieved because these weeks seem to speed by like lightning. 

I haven’t planned for every little detail like I did with Darci, but I’m feeling pretty good about my organization. 

I’ve still got plans to put some frozen meals up for after the baby comes. 

I’ve got plans to put labels all over the nursery so my mom and mother-in-law won’t have to hunt too hard for things when they’re here helping out at first. 

I’ve got some other little nesting plans too, but I’m not married to them. 

Sarah Dykowski is the wife of Publisher Scott Dykowski. She can be reached at

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