Kent to advance in powerlifting

Morgan Kent earned her ticket to the Regional Powerlifting Meet by lifting the automatic qualifying total for her class in Comanche on Saturday. 

Kent increased her lift 25 pounds over the last meet two weeks ago in Dublin to 775, squatting 310, bench pressing 180 and dead lifting 285 to take second in her class.

Ethan Price earned his second Outstanding Lifter of the Heavy Classes award at the meet, taking first in his class, as well as out lifting the class above him, with a total of 1,645 pounds.

Price squatted 615 pounds, bench pressed 470 and deadlifted 560 for a 20-pound increase over his total at the Dublin meet two weeks ago. 

Bryce Leatherwood took first in the 114 weight class, adding 75 pounds to his total from two weeks ago to total 655 pounds. 
Leatherwood squatted 250 pounds, pressed 125 and deadlifted 280. 

Martha Riojas placed second in her class, with a total of 800 pounds, squatting 330 pounds, pressing 180 and deadlifting 290.

Addison Stout took third in her class, adding 65 pounds to her total from two weeks ago for a 560-pound total. She squatted 225, pressed 90 and deadlifted 245. 

Norah Riojas rounded out the girls’ team with a seventh-place finish of 425 pounds. The team scored 13 points.

Jared Ricks finished third in his class by increasing his previous total by 50 pounds to total 1,255. He squatted 465, pressed 350 and deadlifted 440. 

Johnny Jurado was also third in his class with a 1,090-pound total, up 30 pounds from two weeks ago. He squatted 415, pressed 240 and deadlifted 435 pounds. Ulises DeLaCerda took seventh in the same class with a 1,025 total, up 85 pounds from two weeks ago. 

Cesar Galvan also took third in his class with a total of 880. He squatted 330, pressed 190 and deadlifted 360 pounds. 

Bryen Healy took fourth in his class, increasing his total 85 pounds from two weeks ago to 1,100.

Dublin was well represented in the 181 weight class with Tyler Bell taking fourth with a 1,080 total, up 90 pounds from two weeks ago. Blaize Leatherwood added 115 pounds to his total for a seventh-place finish of 1,035 pounds and Cristian Vazquez took 10th with a 1,000-pound total, up 45 pounds from two weeks ago. 

Juan Rodriguez and Esteban Rodriguez took 10th and 11th in the 165 class with totals of 855 and 845, respectively. Esteban Rodriguez added 45 pounds to his finish from two weeks ago. 

The boys’ team finished third overall behind Glen Rose and Comanche. 

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