Dublin's men powerlifting team took second

The Dublin men’s powerlifting team took second at their home meet on Saturday behind Venus. 

Senior Ethan Price won Outstanding Lifter for Boys 181 to super heavy weight classes, taking first in his class by lifting 1,620 across three lifts — almost 400 pounds more than the second place lifter in his class and more than 300 pounds more than the winner of the next class. 

He squatted 615 pounds, benched 455 and dead lifted 550. 

Bryce Leatherwood also brought home first place, lifting 580 total pounds in the 114 weight class. He squatted 210 pounds, benched 135 and dead lifted 235. 

Carlos Martinez followed in third place of the same class, lifting 395 total. 

Jared Ricks took second in the 242 weight class with a 1,205 total. 

Ricks squatted 450 pounds, benched 350 pounds and dead lifted 405 pounds. 

Cesar Galvan also took second in his class, 132, lifting 830 pounds total. 

He squatted 320, benched 165 and dead lifted 345. 

Morgan Kent led the girls team to 12th place overall with her second place finish in the 148 class iwth a 750-pound total. 

Kent squatted 305 pounds, benched 155 and dead lifted 290 pounds. 

Lezzle Sanchez took fourth in the 105 class with a 370-pound total. 

Bryen Healy placed fourth in the super heavy weight class, with a total of 1,015 pounds. 

Healey squatted 415 pounds, benched 235 and dead lifted 365. 

Johnny Jurado took fourth in the 198 class with a 1,060 total. 

Jurado squatted 405 pounds, benched 240 and dead lifted 415 pounds. 

Ulises DeLaCerda followed in 10th with 940 total. 

Tyler Bell took eighth in the 181 class with a 990 total. Cristian Vazquez and Blaize Leatherwood followed in 10th and 11th with 955 and 920 totals, respectively.

Angel Escobar took 15th in that class with 790 total. 

Addison Stout took eighth in her weight class, lifting 495 pounds total. 

Mystie Ancira took ninth in her class, with a 525-pound total. 

Esteban Rodriguez placed ninth in the 165 weight class with a total of 800 pounds. 

Valerie Garcia placed 15th with a 515 total in her weight class. 

The teams will travel to Comanche on Jan. 27 for their next meet.  

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