The Publisher's Desk: Bravo! JH One Act Play

Ya’ll, I’m so impressed with the junior high One Act Play cast and crew. 

You really don’t expect to see such talented acting from such a young group of kids. And the director made it obvious they are also a very hardworking group of kids. 

I did One Act Play in high school. I can tell you, I was not that talented. 

Actually, let me clarify. I tried out for One Act Play and was given the prestigious role of curtain drawing. 

Literally, that was my entire job. 

Now, for the kids who do that — I’m not knocking it. If you don’t open the curtains, the best play in the world could take place and the judges and audience would never know it. 

But I wasn’t given it because I was particularly talented — it was just a pity role because I was so bad at acting. Not these kids. 

I also was technically the understudy for a minor role — the love interest of the main character. 

I performed one time, at a practice competition, and the judges were very concerned. 

“Who is this kid?”

“Why does he sway back and forth every time he talks?”

“Why does he mumble?”

“How do you ever expect to compete with this guy?”

Don’t worry, I’m sure our coach assured them. He’s barely a stand-in. Thankfully, the regular guy was back in action before we had any serious performances. 

Needless to say, I didn’t try out the next year. 

I hope the cast and crew of this year’s “Peter Pan” try out every year they can.  They were funny. 

I laughed out loud several times (who didn’t laugh at the “lightly soiled” joke?).

They were charming. They were so sincere. 

It’s rare to find a group of junior high kids with enough confidence to be that enthusiastic and sincere on stage. Their parents and teachers are really doing a good job. 

Even Darci watched the whole 25-minute performance in my lap and talked about it on the way home. 

Good job, “Peter Pan” cast and crew. Good job. 

Scott Dykowski is the publisher of the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and

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