Bradberry brings in national gold

Dublin Secondary was visited by a tall, shiny stranger last week as DHS sophomore Colton Bradberry was able to display a national 4-H trophy in shooting sports.

Bradberry earned the honor when he and three other Texas teens took first place as a team in June, following three days of competition against four other teams from around the country. The stiffest competition was from Missouri who won the year before. This made it a matter of pride for Texas to reclaim the title.

The event included several events like shotgun and .22 pistols and rifles, but it was in air rifles where Colton and his teammates made the grade.

“Each person who participated [on the winning team] gets to display the trophy,” Colton reported.

The large multi-tiered award came to Dublin from its display in Brady.

Colton qualified to represent Dublin based on a fifth-place finish at state in 2016. That wasn’t his first achievement as he also took a third place meal in .22 in the past (an event in which he will compete next).

Colton said he started target shooting in third-grade under the supervision and mentoring of his mother, Stephanie, who served as coach for the winning team.

Colton had made a practice of practicing every Sunday but stepped it up when he was selected for the national meet in Sept. 2016. Targets were set up at his dad’s in various distances to prepare him for the different events.

Each shooter had to take aim in three positions: standing, kneeling and prone.

Colton said one of the more difficult parts of shooting is mastering breathing, because holding your breath results in a rapid heart rate which can affect the shooter’s aim. Instead, it is necessary to take in breath and release with the trigger pull.

His advice to any aspiring marksmen is to practice and listen to the lessons of their coaches.

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