The Publisher's Desk: Dublin on the map at Abilene Museum

We’re on the map. 

That’s what I said to Sarah almost as soon as we arrived at Frontier Texas! in Abilene last month. 

If you haven’t been, it’s a great museum. There are plenty of interesting artifacts, and the media is surprisingly updated — in particular, the videos. 

When we paid, we were told the museum starts with a video before you can enter the exhibits. 

I felt a little frustrated. While I enjoy learning about history, I find that videos at museums are often pretty dry. I don’t enjoy them much. 

Skipping this video would have been a mistake. 

It was short (double points for that) and it immersed you into the mood of the museum. 

It also introduced you to characters you would meet in the museum — and for the size of the museum, the acting was fairly impressive. 

As you covered the museum from one end to the other (you can get through the whole thing in about an hour if you’re skimming the exhibits) you come across several holographic characters, both Texas pioneers and Native Americans, who describe their way of life and events they lived through. 

It’s really fascinating. 

And again, I can’t express how impressed I was with the acting. Even the guy who yelled the whole time wasn’t too terrible. 

At the end of the museum, a final movie was played with the same actors, but this was more comprehensive. It really rounded out the experience. 

You sit on spinning stools in a dark, circular room and turn to see the movie play on a nearly 360-degree screen. 

We witnessed a Native American raid on a home, a buffalo stampede, a storm on the plains and several other interesting experiences. 

Sarah and I were there for a Saturday morning and really enjoyed ourselves. 

But perhaps the biggest kick we got was the Dublin influence. 

For starters, Karen Wright’s book on Dublin Dr Pepper was on sale in the bookshop. 

And on a Texas map outside the front door, both Dublin Bottling Works and the Ben Hogan Museum are displayed. It seemed like a really big deal to me since points of interest from the entire state were represented and Dublin had two on the map. 

Scott Dykowski is the publisher of the Dublin Citizen and can be reached at 445-2515 and

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